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Thursday, January 07, 2021



Nods & Turns
Table Top Rockers & Rotations
Table Top Twists & Switches
Wrist Mobility 
Knee Hug to SL DL
Pivoting Scale


Banded DL + RDL x10 
Banded High Pull x10
Side Plank K2E x10/side
3 rounds


30 sec Palms Forward Pulse
30 sec Palms Backward Pulse
30 sec Int/Ext Rotations Switches
30 sec Unison Swimmers
30 sec T Hold
30 sec Break
3 Rds
30 sec Lunge Pulse L
30 sec Lunges Pulse R
30 sec Sq Pulse
30 sec Cossack Sq Pulse L
30 sec Cossack Sq Pulse R
30 sec Break
3 Rds

Meeting ID: 846 5995 1152

Campfire Cooldown

TableTop Thread the Needle

Covid Self Assessment
Please scan and complete a self assessment daily before entering the premises.

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