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Group Class

Real Training = Real Results

The Group Class is the core of our training methodology.

This class is designed to create a healthy, well rounded individual. At Driven, we see fitness as part of a life-long routine and this class is structured to allow members to start from scratch and develop into their best self.

Every day at Driven is different and every class is lead by a Certified Instructor.

The classes run for 1 hour with the following structure:

WARMUP – slowly getting the body moving (5 mins)

ACTIVATION – preparing the body for the class with muscle activation and dynamic stretching (5-10 mins)

PROHAB – our version of ProActive Rehab, which includes exercises that assist in optimizing the way your body functions. Looking at body symmetry and proper muscle firing patterns (5-10 mins)

STRENGTH – learning proper technique with dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells and other equipment (10-20 mins)

WORKOUT – our workout programming is varied, safe and effective - designed to improve your strength, endurance, coordination, balance, physique and mindset (10-20 mins)

COOLDOWN – stretches designed to improve your range of motion and improve recovery (5 mins)

Driven's Group Class combines a variety of training methods to help you achieve any goal. Our members include elderly grandmothers, elite athletes and everyone in between. What sets Driven apart are the abilities of our coaches. We are able to modify all movements to suit the needs of the individual – something we are very proud of!

At Driven, we train hard and every day people are doing amazing things. This training environment creates strong bonds among the members. We sweat together, we laugh and support each other, we get stronger, faster, fitter, we stand taller and we do it all together.

Unlimited Memberships

Adults $120
Students $95

Limited Memberships

Adults $55
Students $55
Kids $55

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